NAPS demands re-opening of BIDA Polytechnic appeals to management, ASUP

“WHERE TWO ELEPHANTS FIGHTS, THE GRASS SUFFERS” The leadership of National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) appeal to both the management and ASUP FPB chapter to shift grounds and consider the suffering students.

Activist Sunday A. Asuku, the National President-Elect said in a statement while addressing the media in IMT Enugu during his working visit to the institute, Strike actions and other vices that interrupt academic calendars are best described as deliberate wastage of time and destiny, it is certain that when two mighty elephants combats, the grass there suffers it all.

The teeming students of Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger state deserves the best and should not be made to suffer what they know not, it is obvious that some students cant meet up with service any longer due to age bracket, some have engaged in shady business while some go back home and become liabilities courtesy of the ugly delay, all these won’t deny the management and staff of the same institution from getting their full salaries and allowances thereby leaving the fate of Nigeria students hanging.

The leadership of NAPS passionately appeal to the conscience of the titans to allow our fellow students write their exams and as well allow the free flow of academic activities on campus, while activities are on-going, the management and ASUP should continue with dialogue and invite external bodies to mediate where necessary, NYSC won’t admit strike as a reason to allow any student above 30yrs go for service, who then will advocate for the helpless students? 

We urge the newly democratically elected ASUP President to swing into action as a matter of urgency and curb the excesses affecting Nigeria students.

In a press release signed by Activist Sunday A. Asuku (GCNPS), National President-Elect (NAPS) also crave the indulgence of all stakeholders, community elders, state and Federal Government to rescue the glowing glory of the institution before it’s too late.

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